Disabled Drivers Ideal Accessibility With An Auto Door

Doors can be heavy and hard to operate.   Door handles can be almost impossible to reach if you’re in a scooter or wheelchair.   If you can reach them, pulling the latch or squeezing the handle may be difficult.

It doesn’t’ make a great deal of sense to have a wheelchair van if you have a hard time getting in and out of it.   In many cases, the vehicle’s doors pose a significant obstacle to efficient accessibility.

You may be able to rectify the situation via the installation of an auto door or by modifying your existing door to become an auto door.   It’s a great way to overcome the “door barrier” and to make the use of your van safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Auto doors open and close with the touch of button.   They’re powered by an electric motor that’s strong enough to open them completely and to shut them safely.   The user generally operates them via a pushbutton on the door or with a remote control, which is often part of the vehicle’s keychain.

The inclusion of an auto door can eliminate one of the most commonly encountered obstacles to ideal accessibility.

This is becoming a wildly popular option for wheelchair vans.   It’s also popular with the regular public, which is good news for wheelchair van buyers.   Many of today’s most popular vans roll right off the assembly line with one or more auto doors in place.

Those with vans that don’t have this feature aren’t out of luck.   It’s possible to have your van door converted to an auto door.   The better conversion companies can easily make the modification.

You’ll want to retrofit the right doors, of course.   Think about the way you use your van and the doors you use to get your wheelchair in and out of the vehicle.   If you regularly use multiple doors, you may want to consider modifying more than one.

If you’re “creating” an auto door as an after-market conversion, you can expect to spend some money.   The procedure isn’t difficult, but the mechanical elements and labor costs can add up.   When you think about the total cost of your van purchase, adding an auto door is a relatively small addition to the total package.   It’s an addition that generates a real return on the investment, however.

Think about it this way:   It’s a small price to pay if it makes your van easier and more enjoyable to use, however.   The inclusion of an auto door can eliminate one of the most commonly encountered obstacles to ideal accessibility.

When you’re not struggling with doors, it’s easier to get in and out of your vehicle.   It’s also safer than risking a mishap while dealing with a tough door situation.   We strongly recommend consideration of auto door options for all wheelchair users, but particularly for those who have troubles with their existing doors.