Hi Roof Top Provides Safer More Enjoyable Ride For Mobility Impaired

People tend to think of wheelchair van conversions simply in terms of providing easy entrance and exit.   While a good lift or ram can be an important part of a great modification, there are other considerations.

One of them is the issue of headroom.   Vans do not sit as high as you might think they do.   If you are sitting in a wheelchair (which will put you up higher than your average seat), headroom can be a real problem.

It is not just a matter of feeling little crowded, either.   In many cases, it can make it virtually impossible to enjoy the vehicle.   It can also be quite dangerous.   If you have ever felt your head bounce against the ceiling of a van, you will know exactly what we mean!

The issue is compounded by the regularly shrinking world of vans and minivans.   Today, automakers strive for good-looking lines and maximum fuel economy.   That results in a lower-profile vehicle.   It looks great on the commercials, but it’s (quite literally) a pain in the neck for those who use wheelchairs.

There are a few ways to solve the problem.   The most well-known and popular response to a lack of headroom is the “hi roof top” modification.   This conversion can make your van taller and more comfortable.

Think of the car aficionados who create low-riders.   They actually chop parts out of an automobile frame to make the car shorter and sleeker.   The “hi top roof” conversion is the exact opposite.   The body experts chop the vehicle, but they do so to add more to it, not to take anything away.

The end result?   A van that sits higher and that allows those in wheelchairs to get around without bumping their heads against the ceiling or craning their neck to void doing so.   Doesn’t that sound like a very welcome relief?

A “hi top roof” conversion is not cheap.   It involves serious body work and it should be left to the experts.   Not only do they need to make those height adjustments.   They also need to take a series of measures to insure the structural integrity of the van after they have done their work.

You will pay quite a bit of money to have your roof raised, but if your butting up against the ceiling right now, you will understand why it is worth every last penny.   This isn’t’ a fun little side project and it shouldn’t be the kind of decision your make on a lark.   Do your homework and decide how you can best deal with the height limitations of your van, minivan or scooter.

Just know this:   You do not need to put up with ongoing discomfort or a lack of adequate headroom..