Hitch Mounted Vehicle Ramp Provides A Great Way Out

Many wheelchair users rely on ramps to facilitate vehicle entry and exit.   The use of heavy-duty lifts may be gaining in popularity, but the great majority of van owners find that ramps can more than adequately meet their needs.

Of course, that requires making the right ramp choices.   There are many varieties and multiple mounting options to consider.   Getting the most out of your man or minivan is not just a matter of having a ramp.   It is about having the right ramp.

If you prefer rear entry and exit, you may find that a hitch mounted vehicle ramp is the best possible choice.   As the name suggests, these ramps are actually mounted on the exterior of the vehicle at the hitch.   This produces a few compelling benefits.

First, it sets you up with a durable and solidly mounted ramp.   In many cases, users rely on lighter weight ramps that fail to provide the kind of security and safety they would prefer.   That is not an issue with hitch mounted options.   These are solid ramps with real staying power.

Second, these exterior ramps allow you to have a great ramp without using up any precious interior space.   Many people find that using other ramp type creates an inconvenience due to the storage issue.   The only alternative is to utilize a fold up ramp that lacks durability.   The hitch mounted vehicle ramp provides a great way out.   You can have all of your interior space available, because your ramp is on the outside of the vehicle.

There are a few drawbacks to hitch mounted options.

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Obviously, you are limited to getting in and out from the rear door.   Some people’s preference would be for a side door entry.   Additionally, some people do not like the aesthetic impact of having a ramp mounted to the back of the vehicle in plain view.   If you are more concerned about the look of your van than its function, a hitch mounted ramp may not be a great choice.

If you do like the sound of these ramps, pay careful attention to the method by which it folds down when making a selection.   If there is one area of concern, it is the potential for operator injury when the ramp is lowered into place.   You will also want to note how firm and unmoving the ramp is when not in use.   You do not want to find yourself driving down the road with a wiggling ramp trailing behind you.

Overall, hitch mounted ramps are a wonderful option for those who want to combine serious durability with a maximization of interior space.   If that sounds like you, take a long look at the great hitch mounted options available for vans of all types.