Advantages Of Using A Wheelchair Carrier

Benefits of Using a Wheelchair Carrier on Wheelchair Vans

Carrying wheelchairs in a vehicle can be a challenge if the driver does not own something larger an SUV or van. Fortunately wheelchair carriers can solve the problem of driving a smaller vehicle. They are powered devices that can be installed on the roof or back end of the vehicle. They can also be installed on wheelchair vans for easier access.

A wheelchair carrier will be exposed to all kinds of whether. It should be made with quality galvanized steel and should include a weather proof outer layer. This is essential for those who live in areas that get plenty of rain or snow. Some devices are designed to fold so they can be stored when they are not needed.

Bumper Installation of Wheelchair Carriers and Wheelchair Lifts

thumbs honda odyssey 2007 9ac2bd382138938e44858012b58ba06c Advantages Of Using A Wheelchair CarrierWheelchair lifts and carriers come in many different styles. The bumper mounted device is often use because it can be easily installed or taken off. The devices will attach to the back of the vehicle and will slowly raise the chair from the ground. These devices weigh around 100 lbs so some help with mounting may be necessary.




Wheelchair Carriers for Trucks

thumbs toyota tundra 2007 0ee546e0ef9619e110dc88c88ef3d0fc Advantages Of Using A Wheelchair CarrierIn some parts of the country like the Southwest and Texas owning a truck is common. The carrier is installed in the bed of the truck which offers plenty of space for such and apparatus. The lift will then pick the chair off the ground and gently place it in the truck bed.




Hitch Mounted Devices

thumbs gallery out sider micro 016a81bce32e6875f8d51427454148ba43 Advantages Of Using A Wheelchair CarrierA variation of the bumper mounted device is the hitch type carrier that rests about 18 inches off the ground. This type of device is typically designed with a release handle to help set the chair back on the ground. It is operated by handle and requires some physical work to turn the handle so the chair tilts back and locks in place. This type of product costs less than other types but may be a challenge for some people to operate.



Top Mounted Carriers

thumbs chairtopper db8168a7ce06886ad955b1a7b0ee8914 Advantages Of Using A Wheelchair CarrierThe top mounted wheelchair carrier allows the chair to be stored on the roof of the vehicle. It is easy to operate with with a push button control and the arm moves the chair to the right location. The device then folds and keeps the wheelchair in place on top of the car. There is no physical work involved when using such an apparatus.

Prior to selecting a carrier owners should get professional advice about which devices will work the best for the particular situation and the type of vehicle that will haul the wheelchair. If drivers plan on using rear wheelchair ramps top mounted lifts may be necessary.