Churches Can Offer Assistance To The Disabled

If you are a person who is in need of mobility assistance, there are companies that offer products geared to helping these people and resources available for financial assistance. If a wheelchair is your only form of mobility, it may be difficult to maintain your previous lifestyle. Purchasing a van that is wheelchair accessible should be an important step in making the change to becoming more active outside of the home.

The downfall to this is that these types of vehicles tend to cost twice as much as a non-accessible vehicle and many people who are disabled do not have the expendable income to purchase such a necessary item.

Church grants for the disabled are another option to consider. They can offer up to $2,500 to people with matching funds from their local church group. These grants or loans are offered to people who need them and financially aid in the assistance of purchasing wheelchair vans or other equipment needed to improve mobility.

The Knights of Columbus also assists with funding for people who are in need.  These grants can also be shared with the church of your choice to be split in half, meaning the grant will pay for half and the church will offer the other half of the total cost.  These grants do not need to be repaid and are seen as a gift to the receiver.  Another option to look into, especially if you are a long time member of a specific church, is to look into having a fundraising event to help defer the costs of the equipment.  The best way to start your search is to contact your local church who can get you into contact with the correct person to speak to.