Find Medicare Grants For Help Funding Wheelchair Vans

The majority of Medicare grants for help funding wheelchair vans come from organizations, which are non-profit. These organizations receive their grants from other state or local resources, which may or may not be part of the government. Grants are not like loans they never have to be paid back. The majority of clients, which are, disabled lives in some type of residence group home, and they use the services of wheelchair vans.

These vans are equipped with the latest safety features for transporting the handicap individual. They too must wear belt seats and their wheelchairs must be securely anchored, so it will not tip over while the van is in motion. The Medicare grant is used to replace worn out wheelchairs and hardware equipment located on the vans. It can also be used to buy new or used wheelchair vans if they are needed.

The government has plenty of money set aside for various types of organizations. However, not all organizations will qualify for a government grant. There are rules that must be followed before a business can begin to be eligible for any type of nonprofit, state or government grant.  Several grants types are available in which companies can apply for; however, some entities will only qualify for a one-time grant, and others may be entitled to an ongoing grant.

This depends on what type of assistance the business is looking for. In most cases, the disabled individual is eligible for a grant also. If he or she needs to buy a motorized wheelchair, or  if they must send their van to the repair shop to have it equipped with special accessories, they may be eligible for government help.