How To Obtain Disabled Veterans Grants And Loans

Disabled veterans who need funds to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle have options when it comes to securing money to cover their purchase.  Disabled Veterans can apply for Disabled Veterans Grants and Loans. Money is available from various public resources such as the Veterans Administration as well as private entities as well.

Many disabled Veterans choose disabled veteran grants versus applying for a loan because they are on a fixed income and do not want to be burdened with monthly payments.  Even though loans are usually low-interest, veterans on a fixed income have to make sure they keep all of their monthly expenses to a minimum.  That is why disabled veteran grants may be the best choice for veterans.

These grants can be used for a variety of things.  For disabled veterans that already have a mini-van or van, they often use these grants to convert their van into a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  For those that do not have a van, they often use the grants towards the purchase of a vehicle and then have the vehicle modified.  Disabled veterans should know that there are options when it comes to finding suitable transportation to get around.  Veterans should take the time to learn about any and all grants that may be available to them.

First Step

To start, disabled Veterans should contact the Veterans Administration to find out more about the Disabled Veterans grant.  The Veterans Administration will pay up to $11,000 to veterans who need to purchase a vehicle that is equipped for wheelchairs or towards the conversion of a regular vehicle to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Veterans can only apply for that grant one time in their life, so Veterans that have already applied for and received a grant for the purchase of a vehicle may not be eligible for the grant.  However, it is always good to check with the Veterans Administration in any event.  Veterans not eligible for a grant can always apply for a low-interest loan.

Understanding Adaptive Grants

thumbs 768px us deptofveteransaffairs seal large How To Obtain Disabled Veterans Grants And LoansIn addition to a one-time grant to purchase a vehicle, the Veterans Administration offers what are commonly referred to as adaptive grants.  Unlike the $11,000 grant, special adaptive grants are available to veterans on more than one occasion, so Veterans can apply for the grants on multiple occasions.   In addition, these grants are also available to both the sellers and buyers of vehicles.  The money provided by the grants must be used to adapt a cars’ steering and brake system to make it accessible, safe and easy to operate for disabled Veterans.


Disabled Veterans Loans

Should a disabled veteran need more money, they should do some research on disabled Veterans Loans.  There are many special disabled Veterans loans that are available.  Many of these loans require no money down and can be secured even with little, no or bad credit.  Every Veteran that applies for a loan, will need to meet the qualifications, so it is always good to know what the eligibility requirements are for these special loans.

By taking the time to do research online, disabled veterans will find the perfect grant or loan that will help them purchase the perfect wheelchair accessible van or make adaptations to wheelchair vans, so they can get where they need to go comfortably and securely.