Various Government Grants For The Disabled

In the US, both adults and children with disabilities of any kind can avail of various state and federal government grants for the disabled. These grants cover various forms of disability expenses, including paying for wheelchair vans, reimbursing a family for extra costs incurred over a child with a disability, funding special job or skill training programs, or covering any other special needs.

There are different government programs dealing in disability grants and loans, and they each cover different kinds of disability expenses and funding. For instance, thee is the Administration for Children and Families, which not only provides grants to disabled children, adults, and their families, but also universities and other educational institutions committed to developing programs specially for people with disabilities.

There is also Medicaid and the Department of Human Services (DHS), which covers certain kinds of treatment for people with disabilities, and also offers financial assistance towards the purchase of handicap vans. Similar assistance for vans is also provided by the Worker’s Compensation program, if the disability has occurred on the job.

The Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) and Division of Developmental Services (DDS) grants are also popularly used by disabled people, and they are available from state departments and branches. VR grants, available from each state’s own department of human services, are especially directed at ensuring that people with disabilities can get a job, train for it and acquire all the skills and physical tools needed to keep it.

As is the case with all government grants, disability grants are prioritized according to any given family’s incapability to look after their own needs. The severity of the disability is also a major factor in grant decisions.

The most direct source of information on government grants for the disabled is, the official US government site, which deals with federal grants of all kinds. Bear in mind that apart from federal and state government grants, privately funded loans and grants are also available to people with disabilities. Sometimes such grants may even be available in addition to government aid. It is best to research all possible avenues to find out exactly how much funding can be drawn.