Vantage Mobility International: A Conversion Company Profile

Braun may dominate the wheelchair van conversion industry, but the people at Vantage Mobility International (still often referred to by their older name, Vantage Mini Van) are not going to let Braun stay in first place without a fight.

Vantage, or VMI, is a relative upstart compared to Braun.   The company’s roots trace back to a decision on the part of three friends who had done a few custom conversions to put their experience to work on the newly introduced front wheel drive mini vans from Chrysler.

They officially incorporated in 1987 and have continued to grow ever since.   VMI, which is based in Arizona, is now one of the biggest players in the mobility business.   While they did not meet their 2008 goal of becoming the biggest powerhouse in the industry, they do continue to grow quickly.

VMI now offers both full-sized and mini van options to its customers.   The full-sized vans start with a Ford Econoline van.   VMI consults with its customers produce custom products meeting their individual needs and preferences.   They are willing to lower floors, to raise roofs and to do anything else it might take to produce the vans their customers want.   They offer multiple interior design packages, a variety of engine choices and an extensive array of other conversion options.

The minivan is still the heart and soul of VMI.   They will work with Dodge and Chrysler products or Honda Odysseys to build side-entry wheelchair mini vans capable of meeting almost any needs.   In addition to lowered floors, their minivans also regularly offer an auto kneel system, removable seats and entry via remote control.   They have two different ramp options for their minivans.

VMI does one very unique thing.   Its marketing is intentionally directed at a relatively small segment of the overall wheelchair van buying population.   They tend to focus their marketing message on and to “mature individuals”.   It is hard to say that this focus on a particular sub-niche is paying dividends, but if VMI’s overall growth pattern is an indicator, it seems to be working.

In a marketplace dominated by Braun, it is refreshing to see at least one credible alternative.   And that is exactly what VMI is.   They produce a range of good-looking and well-built vans and mini vans and they do it with a preference for individual customization and individual customer attention.

If you are in the market for a new conversion van or mini van to serve as a wheelchair vehicle, it is worth talking to the people at VMI.   They may be ready, willing and able to put together the perfect vehicle for you and your needs.