Advice On Wheelchair Van Loans

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Persons with disabilities who find themselves in need of a handicapped accessible van may think that the costs are high and purchase or lease is not feasible. Due to the modifications that have to be made handicapped wheelchair vans can cost substantially more than other vehicles. There are many methods of financing your handicap van that will make purchase much easier.

Handicap Van Loans

Many lenders have special programs for financing the purchase of handicap accessible vans. These loans carry special interest rates that are lower than other rates. Additionally lenders will normally waive early pay off penalties. Due to the high initial costs many financing options for these vans include long terms of seven to ten years.

Grant Funding For Handicap Vans

Organizations and government agencies that assist disabled persons have grant sources available to assist in the purchase of handicap vans. These grants are subsidized by organizations or Federal agencies and are given to the purchasers with no strings attached. No repayment is required or expected. In many instances the grant will be paid directly to the retail seller of the van and delivery is made to the handicapped person who requires special transportation.

Government Grants

Government agencies such as the Office of Veterans Affairs or Health and Human Services have grants available to assist purchasers of handicapped accessible vehicles. These grants give free money to purchasers to subsidize the purchase. Finding resources can be time consuming as many programs are not widely advertised. When seeking such a grant it is important to be patient and check with any government agency that you are dealing with for assistance.

Non-Government Grants

Other non-governmental organizations offer grants to disabled veterans to assist in the purchase of a handicap van. Usually these are specifically aimed to help veterans and veterans’ families who are in need of handicap accessible transportation. The VFW, American Legion and Disabled American Veterans all have service officers available who can assist in tracking down grants for disabled veterans.

Grants for Children with Special Needs

One of the greatest challenges faced by a parent with a special needs or disabled child is finding transportation. Handicap vans with special features for children in wheelchairs are available. The cost, as with most specially equipped vehicles, is normally more than a non-equipped vehicle. Many non-governmental organizations that work with handicapped and special needs children can assist in finding funding sources and grants to subsidize the purchase of a wheelchair van. Organizations such as Easter Seals and local civic organizations such as Rotary or Lions clubs may have grants available or can assist in finding grants through national organizations.

Any person who is handicapped and receiving benefits and assistance from a Federal Agency such as Medicare may be eligible for a grant from the Medicare Fund. These grants are administered through the government and are limited to special needs situations. Medicare can also assist in financing options for handicap vans and may guarantee a financing option to limit fears lenders may have. These options need to be researched through Medicare case workers and local officers. Persons seeking assistance through Medicare should speak to a case worker. Mentioning programs such as the NTAF Emergency Grant Program will assist in getting the application in progress.

Local Fundraisers

Many local organizations and churches will gladly assist in finding funding sources for handicap accessible vans. Religious organizations are nonprofits whose goal is to assist persons in need. This assistance can come in the form of a grant or a loan. Local churches may also be able to organize fund raising event to generate funds that will be used to assist in purchasing a wheelchair van. These fundraisers are normally geared to a specific case or person and the church or social organization is held to a high level of accountability by law to insure the funds are properly used.

Persons who are in need of handicapped accessible transportation will do well to research all types of financing and grants. This article has only touched on the basics. Those who have certain types of specific disabilities or injuries may be able to secure a grant or funding from a nonprofit that is specific to that injury. Employers may have funding available or can assist in the purchase of a specialized vehicle to accommodate an employee. With research and diligence the proper funding will be found.