Learning Handicap Van Hand Controls That Can Help Get You Back On The Road

One bothersome yet essential result of certain disabilities that affect the legs is driving with hand controls.  In order to safely and legally drive and to obtain your license for doing so, often one of the only options is to learn how to drive with hand controls.  Luckily, there are several models that are designed to suit various needs and ranges of ability.

One very significant consideration to make about those who must use hand controls when driving is the astoundingly broad range of conditions and disabilities that these individuals can have, ranging from stroke survivors to those with SCI.  You may never be able to tell which drivers are operating their automobiles without using their feet even as you speed past them in anger or frustration.  Many more drivers are currently driving with hand controls than you would believe.

If you are wondering about the various aspects of using hand controls and are thinking about using hand controls on your own, the following lesson on disability driving aids is likely to be useful.

What You Should Know

Investigate the various hand control types that are available.  There is quite a large number to choose from.  Some hand controls are very basic in their nature and have the ability to be transported from one car to the next with relative ease.  These hand controls are most commonly used in rental vehicles.  They are generally situated left of the steering wheel and are frequently referred to as the “lever” model.  When learning handicap van hand controls and other disability driving aids, it is usually best to use a major search engine such as Google by searching for hand controls that are specific to your disability.

Hand controls are often quite costly.

thumbs dodge caravan 2003 e1309c8cfe1229ca558726bc08145cb6 Learning Handicap Van Hand Controls That Can Help Get You Back On The RoadThis is especially true for quadriplegics or people who have disabilities within their upper-extremities.  Electronic and air-powered models are usually what people with disabilities in their upper-extremities tend to opt for.  Electric hand controls tend to be the most costly of all, however, even if you do not have a sufficient source of income you may still be able to acquire these disability driving aids.  Your state may have a Rehabilitation Services Department that will help to fund this purchase, or your vehicle may be able to come equipped with the aids that you need.

Individuals with extremely limited motility in their arms, including people who operate their wheelchairs by using their mouths, there is still often the opportunity to legally drive.  Several innovations within recent years have made it possible for people to operate automobiles through the use of wheelchair joysticks.  While both expensive and highly complex, this technology does exist and is highly accessible.  Experts in adapted driving who are often employed by well-known rehabilitation centers and hospitals can provide you with some of the high-tech details that will help you to make a decision on the best aids to use.


Be prepared to take lessons.

thumbs evaluation f62699d8576e58ac0c85ada6935f9e32 Learning Handicap Van Hand Controls That Can Help Get You Back On The RoadLearning to drive with disability driving aids is a lot like being 16 again.  In nearly every state people who wish to start learning handicap van hand controls and other disability driving aids are required to get approval from an expert in adapted driving.  This is an unavoidable part of this process and should not be neglected or fought.  While you may have had an excellent driving history before your ability, the legal process for adapted driving is intended to provide both you and other drivers with optimal levels of safety.  Through testing, specialists can determine when and if adapted drivers are ready for the road.