Working With Wheelchair Van Hand Controls

When you own a car and drive it for fun, you are indulging in an experience unique to America. The last thirty years has seen many changes in sizes of garages, from one to two to three cars. Considering the main role an automobile performs, it is important to consider the pivotal role played by wheelchair van hand controls in adaptive driving, for promoting disabled people’s independence.

People who do not have disabilities usually wonder how people, having limited leg mobility, are able to drive vehicles. When drivers are unable to make use of their feet, they are obviously using their hands, and the adaptive equipment is commonly known as “hand controls”. These controls enable operation of the brake and gas pedals by hands, and offers the disabled driver a lot of independence, and he or she, does not have to rely on the public system of transportation.

Although this article is not providing information about the entire range of wheelchair van hand controls like slot machine, push-button, multi-lever, and single lever handles, it does provide information about the best systems available in the market today.

The Mechanics of Wheelchair Van Hand Controls

Although hand controls are quite easy to use, they are difficult to install on the rear axle. Due to this, it is important to get, these sets installed by a professional mechanic or authorized dealer, to avoid any mishaps.

In the market, you will find many types of hand controls. For instance, the SuperGrade IV has an optional bracket for mounting, which allows the installer, control adjustments, so that transferring them between vehicles is not problematic. However, many devices of hand controls will require the dashboard underside to bet cut for correct placement.

For example, in a Ranger Edge Ford 2002 model the under dash needs to be cut for placing the hand controls. The under dash will have to be replaced if the hand controls are removed for whatever reason.

However, the main thing is hand controls are not cheap, and depending on the type, it can cost up to $800. You can safely include $200 more for installation, which makes the whole gig quite costly. However, if you are purchasing a new vehicle, many automobile manufacturers give incentives, wherein they provide a maximum of $1000 worth of installation, of devices of assistance like wheelchair van hand controls. Rehabilitation agencies of each state are also known to provide the cost of hand controls and their installation.

Working of Wheelchair Van Hand Controls

Hand controls require automatic transmission in your vehicle. The controls are installed below the steering wheel and fitted on to the steering column. These controls have levers, which are fitted on to the top part of the brake and gas pedals, for making the vehicle stop and move forward.

In hilly or mountainous areas, you need to get hand controls that enable you to apply the gas pedal and brake simultaneously. In such models, you need to push forward for applying the brake, and push down for engaging the pedal for gas. Other models have the same forward motion for the brake, but for applying the gas, the lever has to be pulled towards oneself, so that it is not possible to apply simultaneously, both of them.