Why Your Wheelchair Vans Must Comply With Safety Standards

For owners of wheelchair vans (whether they are specially designed as handicap vans, accessible vans or conversion vans) it is vital that they are maintained to a high standard to comply with all the safety requirements. A proper maintenance schedule is important for any vehicle but mobility vans for the transport of disabled drivers or passengers demand special care to ensure that no risk is taken with the lives or well-being of the users. Therefore, full and rigorous attention should be paid to servicing of the vehicle.

All vehicles, whether they are equipped for wheelchair purposes or otherwise, are subject to wear and tear caused by normal usage. Some of this may be evident to the non-expert but there may be problems of which the owner is not aware. In the case of a commercial wheelchair van or accessible minivan, the specialized nature of the van means that there is specialized equipment on board that needs to be checked out regularly and carefully. As is well known, prevention is better than cure and a program of periodic servicing will be of great help in preventing any potential problems with the safety of the van or with its normal use. There are legal requirements associated with the ownership of accessible vans and it is essential to abide by them and not to risk any legal liability.

Servicing should be done by a fully qualified, professional mechanic, preferably one with some experience of wheelchair vans and their special features. It is not a candidate for the gifted amateur or the do it yourself enthusiast. Safety first must be the keywords in relation to a specialized, accessible vehicle such as this and servicing by a proper mechanic will ensure that this is so. The citizens of this country (some of them war veterans) who have to use wheelchair vans are entitled to safe vehicles and to be confident that the vehicles will not let them down. Meticulous attention to servicing of all wheelchair and accessible vehicles is a policy that will pay in the long run.