How a Half Dropped Lowered Floor Helps the Disabled Driver

Getting in and out of a wheelchair van is every bit as important as having it modified for easier driving.   In order to hit the highways, you need to be able to climb behind the wheel–and you need to be able to exit the vehicle easily, as well.

The goal of making the “ins and outs” of access easier has led to a number of wheelchair van conversions.   Raised rear and side doors, remote entry units, dozens of varieties of lifts and ramps and many other modifications exist to make it easier for folks to get in and out of their vehicles.

The half dropped lowered floor is another example of these modifications.   The basic idea is simple.   The standard van is not tall enough for people in wheelchairs to use comfortably.   Vans are built under the assumption that drivers and passengers will use the stock seats.   People in wheelchairs have a much higher profile.   That can make it hard to get into a vehicle, hard to move around after entry, unsafe and uncomfortable.

By lowering the floor in the area of access, one can create additional clearance for wheelchair users.   That’s how the half dropped lowered floor hopes to improve accessibility.

thumbs dodge dropped floor 29112b65af6c5b4fa6c7fbdcac8b089d3 How a Half Dropped Lowered Floor Helps the Disabled DriverIn many cases, wheelchair van owners will opt to have the entire floor of the vehicle lowered.   This increases clearance across the length of the van.   The half dropped floor, on the other hand, is lowered only in the area in which chairs are unloaded or loaded. In most cases, that may involved dropping the lower floor in the front and middle of the vehicle for side door entry and exit.

A half dropped lowered floor provides the same advantages a fully lowered floor offers, but does so at a lower price.   Unless you have a clear reason to think that you’ll need the increased headroom in all rears of the vehicle, a half dropped floor will probably suit your needs.

As you can probably guess, the process of lowering a van’s floor is anything but simple.   It requires a great deal of work and can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s structural integrity and drivability if done incorrectly.   As such, anyone considering a half dropped lowered floor should have the job done by a qualified conversion professional.

Dropping half of the floor in your van may provide you with the space and comfort you need.   If you’re struggling with the entrance/exit process and need some additional head room, you may want to consider this popular conversion.