Maintenance and Servicing of Wheelchair Vans

It is important to have your wheelchair van serviced on a regular basis. While regular vehicle maintenance is important, wheelchair vans have special mechanisms that need to be properly maintained and serviced to keep them in optimum working order.

Your wheelchair van should be serviced by an authorized dealer who has experience servicing and maintaining wheelchair vans.

Depending on the components you have installed in your wheelchair van, it will probably only need to be serviced twice a year. Any less and you run the risk of having to pay for costly repairs or even worse, your reliable transportation might not be so reliable!

It just makes good sense to attend to the maintenance of your wheelchair van to avoid preventable yet costly repairs.

Keep a Service Record

While not all wheelchair vans have the same components, there are always special mechanisms that should be checked out regularly. When you first purchase your wheelchair van or have one converted, be sure and ask about the maintenance schedule of your van so that you can be proactive and make sure that you get your wheelchair van serviced according to the recommended schedule.

It will also be helpful to keep a service record in case you decide to sell or trade your van in later. Potential buyers like to see that a vehicle has been well cared for and it is even more important when you consider all the mechanisms and components that go into a wheelchair van. Keeping a service record will also help you to keep track of any parts you have replaced and of the dates that service occurs.

Use Authorized Wheelchair Vehicle Dealers Only

If you have purchased a used wheelchair van from a private party and are new to the task of having your van serviced and maintained, you will want to find a dealer that is a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA).

This will ensure that your wheelchair van is being serviced by a professional who has been trained on the special mechanisms and components that work within a wheelchair van. For example, there are special maintenance requirements for wheelchair vans with lifts and even if your van does not have a lift, there may be other components that need special attention.

Sometimes, a very small part can become worn and by getting your wheelchair van serviced on a regular basis, the professionals who provide the service can spot potential trouble spots before they become major repair bills.

You will need to have your oil changed more often than you will need service for your conversion components but it is vital that you keep your wheelchair van serviced on a regular basis. Not only will proper maintenance save you from expensive and preventable repair bills but it will also ensure that your wheelchair van is in safe driving condition.

Know What Your Warranty Covers

When you first purchase your wheelchair van or have the conversion done, you will want to be familiar with any warranties and what they cover. Some warranties may cover parts and labor and some may cover parts only. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the location of dealers when you go on vacation just in case you run into an issue and need service while you are away.

By being proactive and making sure your wheelchair van undergoes regular service and maintenance, you will save yourself many headaches down the road. Be sure and ask any questions you may have and make sure you and anyone else who will be operating the equipment is fully trained so that the equipment is always operated according to manufacturer’s instructions.