Wheelchair Van Equipment Warranty Issues

Wheelchair Van Equipment Warranty and Maintenance Issues

When you buy your wheelchair van from a dealer, or even directly from the manufacturer, the service and guarantees you can get are considerable elements it the total value you get from the purchase.

Whereabouts is the Service facility located?

When you buy from a firm in your local area, the service facility is often the same as the sales office. When buying on the internet from a retailer or a person, then locating where to get your service done can prove problematic, as most dealers do not service specific equipment brands due to possible safety issues.

Can you Get Service at all Times?

If you are rely heavily on an adapted vehicle, then the time you can get serviced is an important issue, as any kind of problem will affect your life considerably.  In this case it is wise to check if 24-hour or extended availability of service personnel. NMEDA providers have an all-day answering service.

Is it possible to service and repair an adaptive vehicle while on holiday?

If you have bought the adaptive equipment on the internet or from an individual person, then researching before you go on vacation to find places to repaid the vehicle if needed is worth doing. If you buy from a dealer, they usually have a list of other dealers around the country who are qualified to offer a service for wheelchair vans.

Every new adaptive equipment and modification has to have a warranty. Just like ordinary car warranties, a warranty for an adaptive vehicle and other equipment will have varying terms and conditions. Some may just cover parts while others will include labor as well. Make sure you get an online dealer or seller to give the written warranty while buying your new vehicle. Also consider getting an extended warranty. Getting repairs done on adaptive vehicles is expensive, so a good warranty will reduce the maintenance costs during the lifetime of the equipment.