Where to Buy a Used Wheelchair Van

There are millions of vehicles out on the roads and wheelchair accessible vans are becoming a larger and larger segment of that assortment. Wheelchair accessible vans are an important and increasingly popular way to provide people with disabilities the   ability to store their wheelchair in their vehicle while driving it by using specially designed equipment.

New Wheelchair Vans

thumbs honda odyssey 2012 a238028b5861096dd11a048c1de16674 Where to Buy a Used Wheelchair VanBrand new wheelchair vans, just off the assembly line, can cost anywhere from $21,000 to $51,000 to purchase, in most cases.   Higher end models with extensive customization can cost considerably more.   Used wheelchair vans usually fall in that same price range but you might be able to find some solid pre-owned models for less than $20,000.



Used Handicap Vans

thumbs dodge caravan 2001 5bd146fdc14bd7e3bf695c06bbfc5222 Where to Buy a Used Wheelchair VanIf you are looking into purchasing a used wheelchair van, consider the rule of thumb that states one should usually stay away from any models that have been on the road for more than three years.   The average total lifespan of a wheelchair accessible van is ten years and much of the commonly used equipment tends to experience problems before that point.   Buying older used vehicles can be a trap unless they’ve been perfectly serviced and subjected to only light use.

When shopping for a used van, the first place you want to look is Kelley’s Blue Book. Kelley’s Blue Book is the ultimate used car information source with respect to pricing.   This guide will provide you with suggested sale prices based on where the vehicle of your choice is being sold, trade-in value and much more.

This guide helps anyone looking at a used vehicle find the right price and to avoid being taken advantage of by a seller.

There are multiple websites offering used wheelchair vans for sale, but you must be careful to avoid scams.   Unfortunately, there are enough bad apples in the world of online vehicle sales to justify suspicion about the whole barrel!

Mobility Van Sales is one site that deserves your attention. Mobility Van Sales allows anyone to place classified ads on their to sell just about any mobility vehicle.   Wheelchair accessible vans are the main part of the site and are often available at prices well below the Blue Book value.

Test Drive It

thumbs toyota sienna 2011 79df8023e3dec4fee9d1da7cd0448e95 Where to Buy a Used Wheelchair VanOf course, you’ll want to physically test drive the accessible van before purchasing it.   You should also have the opportunity to have the mechanic of your choice examine the van for potential problems.   Do not agree to a sale with someone across the country unless you can find a way to meet those conditions first.

If you do not want to use the internet to purchase your used wheelchair van, your next best bet is to visit your local mobility dealerships. Almost every dealership that sells minivans or vans will have a wheelchair van on their lot to test drive.   Alternatively,   they can direct you to a dealer in the area that does.


At The Dealership

thumbs dealer 720eed89ff3472e3c825f9ef69a7e31b Where to Buy a Used Wheelchair VanWhen you arrive at the dealership, ask the sales representative where the vans are located and if they have any used wheelchair vans. If the answer is yes you can begin to browse around the lot and take one or two out for a test drive. Ask for a service report for the van and make sure that it is a certified used vehicle.

Sometimes, private sales are the easiest way to purchase a used wheelchair van. A private sale is one not done through a vehicle website or through a dealership. These private sales should not be finalized until you have test driver the van and have had it inspected by your mechanic to make sure there are no significant problems.

Buying a wheelchair van isn’t much different than buying any other vehicle.   The primary distinctions are in the number of options available and the need to carefully inspect after-market accessibility equipment for quality, correct installation and durability.